KidLit For Luzon is a KidLit community campaign for typhoon victims in Luzon

The island of Luzon in the Philippines has been recently devastated by three consecutive typhoons, one of which (Typhoon Goni, locally known as “Super Typhoon Rolly,” a Category 5-equivalent super typhoon) is even currently considered as the strongest typhoon in the world for 2020. The latest one, Typhoon Vamco (local name: “Typhoon Ulysses”), had such heavy rainfall, it brought floods that displaced thousands and decimated entire towns. And all of these are happening in the midst of a global pandemic.

On 14 November 2020, Filipino author Gail D. Villanueva (My Fate According to the Butterfly, Sugar And Spite) appealed to the publishing community to help encourage donations for Filipinos who desperately need help, for both their immediate needs and eventually, rebuilding their lives. The response had been overwhelmingly positive! To date, 105+ authors, illustrators, agents, and editors have signed up to pledge critiques, illustrations, signed books and ARCs that can be redeemed by anyone who will donate to any of the organizations listed here and here.

Our goal is to encourage people to keep on donating for the typhoon victims in Luzon. So, as long as we have KidLit folks giving critiques, art, signed books and ARCs, we’ll keep the program going.

Click here for details on how donors can redeem the gifts from our patrons.

If you’re an author, illustrator, agent, or editor who would like to donate something for this campaign, visit this page for more information.


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